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Inclusive Community at VCU

Last updated September 14, 2017 by Division of Student Affairs in Community Support

VCU is committed to creating and promoting an environment free from racism, sexism, ageism, heterosexism, homophobia, ableism, and xenophobia. As such, the university strongly condemns bias-related acts.

However, often times, the expression of personal views in personal social media falls within free speech protections, even when the views are offensive or include language deemed profanity.

In this case and in any case when bias-related incidents are reported, appropriate VCU personnel review the incident to address important issues of diversity and inclusion with the involved students. Appropriate VCU personnel also assess any potential threats to safety or creation of an environment hostile to particular groups. In addition, VCU holds students accountable for any violation of University policy and refers information to law enforcement officials, if appropriate.

If you have concerns related to these incidents, we encourage you to utilize resources available to support students such as The Office of Multicultural Affairs, Dean of Students Office, and University Counseling Services. Please also visit the Bias Response Team website and the Division of Inclusive Excellence for more information and additional support.

We appreciate your efforts to make VCU an inclusive community.

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