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Introducing New Leadership

Last updated May 1, 2018 by Logan Bogert, Division of Student Affairs in General Updates

Joslyn Bedell, Interim Special Assistant to the Senior Vice Provost 

Education: BA in Latin, University of Georgia; M.Ed. in Higher Education Administration, University of Vermont 

Background: Student Activities Coordinator, University of Georgia; Service-Learning Coordinator, Georgia Perimeter College; Assistant & Associate Director, Office of Alumni & Career Services, University of Richmond

What would you like to accomplish in your new role?

My hope is that in my new role, I can support Dr. Klink in his work as our Senior Vice Provost in a way that helps him become an even more effective leader for all members of the VCU community. In addition, I will work to move both student and Division staff concerns forward to a positive outcome, and jump into new and interesting projects as they emerge.

Why do you love working with VCU students?

VCU students are some of the most intelligent, hard-working, dedicated, kind and interesting people I know! They are always up for a new and creative idea, they come to the defense of the defenseless and they work to enrich the lives of those around them. Who wouldn’t love to work with 30,000+ people like that every day?!

Curt Erwin, Assistant Vice Provost and Executive Director for Residential Life and Housing 

Education: BA in Communication, Truman State University; M.Ed in Education, Indiana University; Ph.D. in Education, Georgia Southern University 

Background: Graduate Assistant for Residential Life, Indiana University; Resident Director, Indiana University of Pennsylvania; Coordinator for Training and Residence Education, Texas Tech University; Assistant Director of University Housing for Residential Education, Georgia Southern University; Assistant Director of University Housing for Facilities, Georgia Southern University; Associate Director for Housing & Residence Life, University of North Carolina at Greensboro; Director for Housing & Residence Life, University of North Carolina at Greensboro

What would you like to accomplish in your new role?

Assisting in collaboration with a team of student focused professionals who are intentional and strategic around initiatives of student success, student leadership and student wellness. This includes looking for opportunities that allow for professional collaboration, student engagement and resource efficiencies. I think the work we do in student affairs is paramount in VCU’s quest to be the premier urban, public research institution and for overall student success.

Why do you love working with VCU students?

They are amazing. They forge their own path and they look for ways to connect in nontraditional ways on a college campus. I really enjoy when I get to work with those students who are first-generation. At VCU, you can see how so many of our students view the educational process as an opportunity and a privilege. Students here do not take this experience for granted; they recognize that their success benefits them personally and also the larger communities they interact within. I have always described many of our VCU students as “givers” vs. “takers” in the educational experience they create. They are simply amazing.

David Greene, Director of University Student Commons and Activities 

Education: BA in Political Science, University of Missouri-Kansas City; MA in Urban Leadership and Policy Studies in Higher Education, University of Missouri-Kansas City

Background: Coordinator of LGBTQ Resource Center, Univeristy of Missouri-Kansas City; Interim Director of Student Life, University of Missouri-Kansas City; Director of Student Life, Community College of Philadelphia

Why did you choose to come to VCU?

While I am a country boy at heart, I love urban institutions and their missions to serve the communities around them. As an urban institution with an international reach, VCU gives me the opportunity to work with a very diverse population of students and ensure the work we do helps to impact the world we serve.

Why do you love working with VCU students? 

I love working with VCU students because they challenge me to bring my best self to every conversation. Many of them are fully engaged in the success of the University as well as their own successes. I feel our students want to be good people and have a lot of good causes. Those moments when you ask the right question or say the right thing that triggers an “aha” moment and you realize the work we do really matters.

Gavin Roark, Director of Residential Life and Housing 

Education: BS in Corporate Communication, Austin Peay State University; M.S. in Counselor Education, Mississippi State University 

Background: Hall Director, Austin Peay State University; Residence Director, Mississippi State University; Residence Life Coordinator, Wake Forest University; Assistant Director, Florida State University; Senior Associate Director of Residential Life, Virginia Commonwealth University

What would you like to accomplish in your new role?

I believe in the power of community building and the important role that living on campus has in a student’s experience. Through my role, I hope that I can help our on-campus students feel at home and supported in their academic pursuits. Our Residential Life and Housing mission is to “provide safe, inclusive and well-maintained facilities where we build intentional communities to empower residents in their academic excellence, citizenship and personal growth.” This mission highlights what we strive to complete on a daily basis for the residents in our halls. I want to see our office continue enhancing our various campus partnerships, residential leadership experiences, living learning communities and academic collaborations to better serve our residential population. 

Why do you love working with VCU students?

I am energized by the work I get to do on a daily basis. Not only do I get the opportunity to work with an extremely dedicated group of professionals, but I also get the opportunity to work with some amazing students. I see a great deal of Ram pride in our student body. During my time at VCU, I have seen campus traditions truly flourish. I enjoy attending student events where you really see and feel the pulse of the student body. Some of my VCU favorite events include: RAM CAMP, VCU Move-In, Welcome Week, Ram Spirit Walk, Qatar Day and the Intercultural Festival.


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