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Last updated September 14, 2017 by Katie Clark in Student-focused

Good morning to all VCU students,

My name is Katie Clark, and I am currently the president of the Monroe Park Campus Student Government. 

As most know, there have been lots of emotions surrounding the outcomes of last week's elections, locally and nationally. One of the great things about our country is our freedom to vote - and vote any way we want. Some of us may feel celebratory with the election results, others of us may feel disappointed. But in this time, I ask that we all try to the best of our abilities to stay united as a university, to be accepting of each other, and to remember that here at VCU, we are an inclusive university who respects all of our fellow students, faculty, and staff.

With that being said, I say to all students who may be hurting during this time that it is your right to heal. I will remind everyone of the resources that our university offers to students. Both the University Counseling Services in the University Student Commons, Room 238 and the Office of Multicultural Student Affairs in the University Student Commons, Room 215, are here to support students. Faculty, staff, administration and your SGA on both campuses are all here to support the students of VCU. Please reach out to any member of the SGA if you need a space to express your concerns.

I want to assure you all that VCU will remain an inclusive institution, and we will remind all students to uphold the values of VCU and the student body.

On a personal note, I ask that we all be kind to one another, today, tomorrow, and forever. We are the future of this world. We came to VCU to get an education and change the world. I ask that we all remember that knowledge is power and to use this as a motivation to continue with our studies here at VCU, and take our education seriously so that we can shape tomorrow for the better. I speak on behalf of VCU when I say, I believe in all of you and the positive future you all hold for this nation. 

Please be kind and stay safe. 

Thank you,

Katie J. Clark

VCU MPC SGA President

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