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End of Semester Update

Last updated September 14, 2017 by Chuck Klink in Student-focused

Dear Students,

As we approach midterms and the upcoming rush to the end of the semester, I wanted to acknowledge that for many students this is a time of stress and increased external pressure. Although these feelings are normal, they can be difficult to manage at times. Even if this is not your experience, you may be aware of those around you laboring as the semester draws to a close.

If you are feeling stressed, I encourage you to reach out to others – family, friends, advisors, faculty members, supportive others. It is helpful to reflect back on other stressful times to remind yourself that you navigated your way through the difficulties. Practice good self-care, focus on nutrition, schedule study breaks, get enough sleep, exercise, and avoid alcohol and other drugs.

Utilize available resources including University Counseling Services (UCS), to talk with someone or utilize their self-help resources. UCS has walk-in availability daily. UCS also offers a useful tool to all students to assist with having supportive conversations with classmates that may be experiencing stress or having a difficult time. To access this, visit the UCS website and click on "At-Risk for College Students" to get started. Visit The Wellness Resource Center to discuss stress management techniques or utilize the many resources on their website.

I would encourage each one of us to be mindful of ways that we can encourage and support one another. Let someone know that you care about them and support them. We each have a responsibility to let individuals know that help is all around them and that seeking help is the right step during difficult times.

I wish you the very best as you navigate midterms and finish the semester. I appreciate your efforts to make VCU a truly caring community.


Charles J. Klink

Vice Provost for Student Affairs

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