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Breaking Out of Our Comfort Zones

Last updated October 23, 2017 by Division of Student Affairs in Student-focused

I appreciate the diversity. I knew that would be the reason I would come to VCU, however I did not expect this level of inclusion on campus. Coming here has amplified my inquisitiveness and allowed me to break out of my comfort zone.

My favorite parts of being involved with Student Affairs are the relationships that you build with not only students, but faculty and staff as well. I love how easy it is to network and brand yourself even though the campus is large.

Through my involvement I have learned that I am a leader and my words and opinions hold value.

In the future, I see myself owning my own dental practice, but more importantly I look forward to being a role model to individuals that are in the same environments that my family and I have fought to come out of. I see our non-profit organization, B the Movement, giving out scholarships to those in financial need when it is time to go to college. I hope to see myself in the eyes of someone else's future.

Terry Everett, '19, is a Biology major.


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