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Last updated October 23, 2017 by Division of Student Affairs in Student-focused

Something I have always loved about VCU is the support that students are able to receive. We have some amazing and well-connected faculty, staff, even students and I love the fact that I cannot go a week without hearing a success story. Diversity and opportunity are the things that brought me here but SUCCESS is what is keeping me in place.

OPPORTUNITIES! There is never a moment when I have to ask myself where the future of VCU Student Affairs is going. My favorite thing about is such a reliable resource for VCU student to get involved, engage in leadership, and guide and inspire them to reach their goals.  I have had many opportunities through VCU Student Affairs such as the opportunity to serve as a Resident Assistant, participate in the VCU INNOVATE LLP, and service events and opportunities that go beyond the walls of VCU. The Division of Student Affairs continue to promote an inclusive and engaging environment and personally and professionally developing students to be amazing individuals after graduating! THANK YOU! 

From my involvement, one of the most important things I have learned so far is WHEN TO SAY NO, a BIG lesson to grasp. It is an amazing feeling to attend your first VCU SOVO (Student Organizations & Volunteer Opportunities) Fair and become overwhelmed with all of these opportunities and organizations that would love to have excited and passionate people among them. After participating in the Student Government Association VCUQatar Leadership Exchange program in Doha, being a, an Intern in the VCU Office of the President, as well as staying involved in many student organizations, it is important to find balance and know limits! This is always the advice I give to incoming freshman and anyone who feels as though they do not have enough time. 

In the future, I see myself going on to Graduate School, and after that I see myself first working in Marketing with Product and Brand Management, all related to the Media. I hope to start off small but eventually work for a company that can and will really impact the lives of others!

Isaiah Harvin, '18, is a Marketing major.


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