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Last updated October 23, 2017 by Division of Student Affairs in Student-focused

VCU has tied us into the dream that we can all MAKE IT REAL. This means leading in our actions to be inclusive and diverse in all our glory. We're encouraged to take the higher road and branch out as far as we can to amplify our success, both educationally and personally.

As a transfer student, I am excited to be included in the conversations which help improve student-life on both campuses. It's a warm feeling to have faculty and administrators know you by first name, and inviting you, firsthand, to sit at the table to share your vision and inspire others.

"Never let the fear of striking out, keep you from playing the game"- "A Cinderella Story. This would be the most accurate description of my involvement with VCU. I've learned to be vulnerable and expressive, assertive but willing to learn, and to always remain gracious and humble. Although all roads did not lead to where I thought I was destined to be, I am more than appreciative to have had the experience.

I see myself happily married, happily working, and finally liberated from monotony! I would like to work in the entertainment industry for a little bit, travel around the world, and then settle into a comfortable and AFFORDABLE lifestyle while raising my little adventurers!

Tre Straughter, '16, Mass Communications/Public Relations Major


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