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Last updated October 23, 2017 by Division of Student Affairs in Student-focused

The Outdoor Adventure Program, helped me find a balance between my engineering coursework and my love for the outdoors. The climbing wall means I can train for trips even while taking 15-18 credits a semester. Working at the rock wall has also been a huge bonus as well; it honestly doesn't feel like work when you love what you do. 

The ability to get involved with a community of like-minded students who love to be outdoors, work hard, and have fun. As well as the opportunities to develop climbing skills through programs offered at the OAP.

When I started as a freshman, I had never climbed before. Now as a senior, I teach belay classes, and am able to sport climb safely outside due to the skill courses and trainings from managers who have preceded me.

Well obviously, I want to continue researching in Biomedical Engineering, but I hope to take the outdoor skills I have learned through my involvement with the OAP and build on them so that I can climb in Yosemite with my best friend.

Michael Berger, '16, Biomedical Engineering major.


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