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Last updated October 23, 2017 by Division of Student Affairs in Student-focused

Opportunity. VCU is a place for opportunity and growth when you are here you are here for at least 4 years and in that four years you are able to pursue as many opportunities as possible. VCU has created this large opportunity for a "see a need fill a need" university. Since we are so large at least 24k students and even though we are still considered a PWI we have a diverse environment of students which creates this huge melting pot of minds and wants and needs but VCU combats this by allowing you to form your own student orgs based on the campus needs that you have seen and I love that about this university it's not restricting if you want to protest you do it , have a student org you can create it, have a  specific career field you want to go into ? Richmond is the best warming grounds for internships. VCU is a place of opportunity there may be obstacles and applications and competition in the way but the fact that the opportunity is there is amazing.

On campus I am a member of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority Inc. I serve as a brand Manager for The Black Awakening Choir and VP for AASE a startup organization out of the AFAM department  and as well as a Student Manager for USC&A. With these experiences I have seen so many different sides of VCU inner and outer workings as to how things are booked and setup to actually participating in the event I set up the night before. And with all of this you could say I have come to appreciate the process of how we get to the student environment we have here on campus.

I have learned key leadership and problem solving skills especially working with the commons, I have learned to create quick solutions to hard problems.

In the future I see myself after grad school that is, but hopefully working at the Veterans Affairs Hospital as a psychologist focusing on helping veterans who suffer with PTSD getting them back into society after they have given such a huge sacrifice to their community.

Judy Branham, '17, is a Psychology and African American Studies, major.


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