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Building a Bridge

Last updated May 1, 2018 by Logan Bogert, Division of Student Affairs in Student-focused

As a nontraditional student, Sarah Izabel’s days are never the same. Izabel, a wife and mother, serves as the undergraduate representative to the Board of Visitors on top of taking her son to and from school, taking classes, studying and managing household responsibilities.

In her duties as the undergraduate BOV student representative, Izabel is required to attend Academic and Health Affairs Committee meetings.

“It is my responsibility to represent students’ interests and opinions during the meetings and share with the board the outstanding leadership activities that students and organizations have engaged in throughout the year,” Izabel said.

Headshot of Sarah Izabel

Izabel has been part of many projects at VCU, but most recently traveled to VCU’s Qatar campus as part of the Qatar Leadership Exchange.

“I believe VCU produces global thinkers through the program,” Izabel said. “The perspectives gathered through the leadership exchange allow VCU students to attest to our values of diversity and inclusion.”

As part of her role, Izabel stays active as a leader at VCU and seeks opportunities to engage with students of various departments. She considers the role to be “a bridge between the students and the University’s highest leaders.”

In addition to serving on the BOV, Izabel is also a research assistant, a student advisor for the Vice Provost Leadership Advisory Board, a member of the Honors College, president of Omicron Delta Kappa.

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