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Last updated May 1, 2018 by Logan Bogert, Division of Student Affairs in Student-focused

As Student Government Association president, Destinee’ Moragne is responsible for setting an agenda for SGA and making sure the SGA is accomplishing the goals set forth -- something that involves a lot of time.

“The robust amount of meetings can be tough on my schedule, but they are rewarding because they allow for an easier flow of communication within the SGA,” Moragne said.

With the support of the Division of Student Affairs, the SGA was able to complete numerous projects including sending monthly emails to the student body and continuing campus traditions like Midnight Breakfast.

Destinee' Moragne in front of park plaza

Moragne and the SGA also implemented several new programs and projects in the fall. In partnership with University Student Commons and Activities, Ramscentive! is a program intended to promote student involvement within the community and in SGA. In the fall, the SGA granted 27 organizations the opportunity to receive $300 by completing the program requirements.

The SGA also introduced Roundtables -- an opportunity for students to ask administration about various issues throughout VCU’s campus. The first Roundtable forum kicked off with Dr. Rao, president of VCU.

Lastly, SGA hosted Ramsgiving in partnership with the Richmond City Council, VCU Athletics, VCU Greek Life, VCU DSA and VCU students. Ramsgiving brought Thanksgiving to more than 75 Richmond families.

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