Be Well

Being well is a key to success at VCU. From group exercising at Cary Street Gym, making an appointment with a career advisor to taking part in a group therapy session, there are plenty of ways to improve your wellness.

Emotional and Mental Wellness

Emotional and mental wellness involves developing coping strategies to maintain resilience when one is met with challenges, staying on top of responsibilities, reframing stressful situations as an opportunity to grow, acknowledging feelings, and asking for help from a counselor or trusted friend/family member.

Housing and Social Wellness

Housing and social wellness involves relating to and connecting with others and building a strong social network where mutual support is given. This dimension also includes the development of positive, healthy relationships and communication skills among friends, family members, and coworkers.

Humpday Dialogue

Develop a deeper understanding of diverse perspectives and practices.

Recreation and Physical Wellness

Recreation and physical wellness involves exercise, nutrition, sleeping, managing stress, receiving preventive medical and dental care while avoiding unhealthy habits.

Career and Financial Wellness

Career wellness involves making a positive impact through one’s job or chosen career by contributing to the organization and society while maintaining balance in one’s life.