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The ability for a student to succeed at Virginia Commonwealth University relies on many facets of a student’s life working in tandem with each other. The academic rigors of a higher education, coupled with the aspects of co-curricular involvement and the multitude of other obligations, provides for a plethora of challenges and demands for each student.

Dean of Students

The Dean of Students office aims to help students chart a path toward success, overcoming barriers as they arise and ensuring that the proper support services are being utilized as needed.

Safety at VCU

Staying safe at VCU is a top priority. If this is an emergency, call VCU Police at (8-1234).

Campus Resources

Finding support at VCU can mean many different things. Here are a few ways to find support inside and outside the classroom.

Policies to Know

Know the policies to be a successful student at VCU. Have a question about a policy? Check the Policy Library to view them all.

Technology on Campus

Check out the resources available that help you stay plugged in while you are on campus.

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